about us

what problem are we trying to solve?

There are many people who rarely experience the world without limitations of movement, vision, hearing, cognitive ability, behavioural difficulties, perception issues, pain and other problems that restrict enjoyment of life. There are also lots of places which provide fun, exciting and stimulating opportunities but unfortunately, these are often big, overcrowded and noisy places that can trigger meltdowns and leave some people feeling overwhelmed.

who are we?

Rainbows Sensory Space ltd is a multi-sensory centre located in Seaham, County Durham. It has been specifically designed to cater for children, young people and adults with special needs, their families and carers, schools and groups. We provide opportunities for bridging the barriers that disabled people often face by creating an accessible, inclusive and non-judgemental environment where children and adults can control a variety of sensory experiences in a safe space.
We use a combination of light, sound, touch and smell to provide a unique sensory experience for stimulation, de-escalation or relaxation purposes. Sensory input can be intensified or reduced, presented in isolation or combination and matched to fit the motivation, interests and individual needs of the user. Benefits of sensory stimulation improve neurological activity, physical development and communication and interaction.
We have a number of facilities at the centre, there’s something for children and adults of all ages and abilities to enjoy. This includes; babies and toddlers, children and adults who have physical disabilities, learning disabilities or sensory impairments as well as those who suffer with dementia.