play frame

The small two-story soft play frame has a simple blue theme to avoid over stimulation. It includes soft floor padding and wall pads with cloud designs. It also features multi- coloured climbing equipment, punch bags, a roller, slide and a ball pool with mirrors. Most importantly, there is more room than usual in the structure to allow parents and carers to access the play frame and provide support to children and adults as they make their way round. The centre has been specifically designed to create a safe play space that is in line of sight. Seeing what’s going on helps relieve anxiety and helps users assess their play options before engaging. From a safety perspective, being able to see what’s going on is essential when supporting children and adults with additional needs and disabilities. Therefore, large play equipment is placed around the outside of the room to maximise visibility as well as minimising risk and increasing space needed for wheelchairs within the room. As well as the play frame there is also floor level soft play available for those with reduced mobility or younger children. It includes soft matting and a range of soft play equipment, agility kit with steps and slides, sensory tunnels, bounce pad. sensory and tactile equipment, wheelchair sensory lap pads, soft relaxation chair, interactive toys and hand apparatus.